hugging me from behind and kissing my neck at the same time is a good way to melt my heart

Or make me lose my pants

Or both.

Wednesday, October 1st
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You don’t care so why the fuck do I?

Wednesday, October 1st

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If we’re dating, you can have your freedom…you’re not my prisoner. Just stay loyal & be honest. That’s all I ask.
- (via shyuk)
Wednesday, October 1st
Do you feel something when you hear my name?
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Wednesday, October 1st
I hope you get everything you deserve.
- The sweetest or evilest thing you can say to someone. (via sabrinal0l)
Wednesday, October 1st
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Hocus Pocus (1993)
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Wait for someone who tells strangers about you.

Vodka thoughts #1 (via blossomfully)

I tell everyone about you

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Wednesday, October 1st